Winlet a “gamechanger” says glazing company boss

Winlet glazing robots represent a gamechanger in the glazing and curtain walling industry, says glass installation specialist MelFix.

The company has bought a Winlet 575 glazing robot from Hird Group, and said it is “amazed” by what the glass handling and installation machine can do.

A MelFix spokesman said: “It’s changing how we do our work, and it’s already winning us new business, because contractors know we have a Winlet, and want us to use it on their projects.

“We’ve been in the glazing business for 30 years, and have never seen anything like it. People stop and watch when we use it on site. They can’t believe what a Winlet glazing robot can do with a piece of glass.

“We see this as a game changer.”

The Winlet 575 electric-powered glazing robot has a maximum lifting capacity of 575kg, yet is just 890mm wide, 1880mm long, and 1600mm wide.

It provides fully-automated movement of its load. This is combined with linear side shift and gyroscopic control in the vertical plane.

Side shifting of the load is controlled by a hydraulic ram that keeps the load perfectly aligned with the aperture into which the glass is being placed. The load also moves in a flat vertical plane.

This means the load can be placed with precision with minimal manual handling, maximising both safety and productivity.

The vacuum system on the Winlet is also designed to be ultra-safe. In the event of a catastrophic failure, the vacuum valves stay open, so the load is still held.

Instead of having to use large cranes for external lifting and fitting of curtain wall glazed panels, the Winlet glazing robot allows MelFix to install them from the inside out.

The company spokesman said: “This is faster, safer, and less costly than conventional methods. We can share cost savings with clients, and their overall safety is enhanced because there is less equipment, and fewer personnel on site.

“Our teams like using the Winlet. It’s very easy to use and its capabilities, combined with its built-in safety features gives them confidence that they are doing a first-class job.”

Hird is the authorised UK and Ireland distributor for Winlet glazing robots, which are designed and manufactured in Denmark.

The Winlet 575 is one model in a range of glazing robots. The smallest machine is the Winlet 350. The largest is the Winlet 1000, with a lifting capacity of 1,000kg.

There is also the Winlet 350TH, which is designed to be lifted on a telehandler, allowing glass to be installed at a greater height and reach.

MelFix, based in Elsmere Port, Cheshire, was founded in 1982. It manufactures and installs a wide range of façade products, including aluminium windows, curtain walling, entrance doors and roof lights.