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Introducing Winlet glazing robots. Smart innovation that gives you the competitive edge in materials lifting.

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SAFER lifting

Winlet glazing robots give you a safer way to lift, carry and install glass – flat or curved. Unique design features keep loads safe at all times. Reducing manual handling to a minimum. So, there is much less risk of damage or personal injury.

Winlet - SAFER lifting

Winlet - Precise Lifting

More precise lifting

Take advantage of the Winlet glazing robot’s advanced gyroscopic system that allow you to control loads with complete ease and precision. No matter how big they are. And install them with millimetre accuracy exactly where you want at the touch of a button.

More PRODUCTIVE lifting

With Winlet glazing robots you can lift and install more with smaller teams. What is more, its compact design and load carrying ability simplifies lifting in confined spaces. It all adds up to a productivity advantage that other machines just cannot match.

two Winlet glazing robots

I could not recommend the Winlet glazing robot highly enough. The overall ease of usage, manoeuvrability, and controls that the machine offers are ideal for a factory environment.

Colin Cornwall | Crown Aluminium

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Easy to operate Outriggers

Easily deployable stabilisers

Wireless Remote Control

Remote Control Operation

Intelligent Load  Monitoring

Intelligent Load Monitoring

Lift a wide range of materials

Lift a wide range of materials

Lift up to 1000KG

Lift up to 1000KG