Winlet 575 glazing robots get to work on one of Canary Wharf’s latest buildings

Innovative Winlet glazing robots supplied by Hird are in strong demand from glazing and façade specialists working on major projects in London.

These images from the BP4 site in Canary Wharf show a Winlet 575 glazing robot in action – and demonstrate why they are so popular.

The glazing robot is compact and easy to move around. Just as important, its design also makes it easy for the a glazing team to work around, says Hird Director John Wilding.

“On this particular development, our client has Winlet 575 glazing robots on hire from us working on a number of floors at once.

“As one floor is completed, the glazing robot leapfrogs the others to go to the next floor up.

“They are small and light enough to be easily carried in construction service lifts making them a fast, flexible and effective way to complete glass lifting, carrying and installation tasks.

“In this case they are using an inside-out glazing technique, where the glass is stored in the building but is then manipulated and installed from the outside in. Innovations within the WinLet brand is increasing productivity by up to 50% compared to more traditional methods.”

This allows large glass panels to be carried up to the installation point inside the building, rather than using external cranes.

The Winlet 575 glazing robot can then move the panel into position through the frame and bring it back into position with millimetre-accurate precision.

This method of glass handling is faster, safer, reduces the risk of breakages and is more flexible. The Winlet glazing robot is designed perfectly for the task.

The whole Winlet range of electric-powered glass handling machines provide superior lifting capacity and reach without compromising its compact design.

The Winlet 575 glazing robot has a maximum capacity of 575kg. Its four suction pads extend to a maximum 3.6m. It has a maximum tilt of 180 degrees.

Yet with a width of just 890mm, it can be guided through a standard doorway.

The Winlet 600 has a lifting capacity of 600kg but a gross weight of just 865kg. Like all Winlet glazing robots it can be used to install glass overhead, and has intelligent load monitoring for safe, efficient glass installation.

The Winlet 350 glazing robot is ideal for smaller glass panels – with a maximum lifting capacity of 350kg but has the same qualities of compactness, ease of use and precision glass handling.

Hird are authorised distributors for Winlet glazing robots in the UK and Ireland. We can supply glazing robots for hire or for sale

Clients also benefit from our certified glass handling training, including RTITB glass vacuum lifting training course, via our training centres, or on worksites, located at our three operational centres across the UK.

As one of the UK’s leading glass handling equipment hire and sales specialists, Hird also supplies a comprehensive range of other glazing machines and accessories.

This includes glass vacuum lifters, vacuum cups, glass handling trolleys, lifting slings and glass handling straps.

We also supply Valla mini cranes and UNIC spider cranes for hire and for sale. Both are excellent for glass lifting when combined with a glass vacuum lifter attachment.

For more information about glass lifting from Hird, including Winlet glazing robot hire and sales, contact our expert glass handling teams. They would be pleased to help.

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Precise and easy-to-use controls of the Winlet 575 allows a glass panel to be guided through the window frame with confidence

The Winlet 575 glazing robot’s excellent reach is perfectly designed for inside-out glazing

Winlet 575 rotating glass
Excellent stability, backed by a robust load monitoring system, maintains safe glass handling at all times

The Winlet glazing robot’s ability to place glass panels with millemetre precision supports fast, efficient glass installation