Winlet glazing robot selected for factory glass lifting

A leading window, door and unitised façade fabricator has selected a Winlet glazing robot to lift and transport glazed panels in its factory.

Crown Aluminium carried out an industry-wide search to find the most capable, compact, and manoeuvrable glass lifting machine, and chose the Winlet 575 glazing robot.

The company, based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, is now using its Winlet to support the production of a wide range of glazed units.


Crown Aluminium General Manager Colin Cornwall said: “The glass lifting machine we needed had to have the right lifting capacity and to be moved easily around the factory in tight spaces.

“It was also required to lift glass directly from A-frames vertically, and then glaze units on works benches horizontally.

“I could not recommend the Winlet 575 highly enough. The overall ease of usage, manoeuvrability, and controls that the machine offers are ideal for a factory environment.”

Carl Cooper, Sales Manager for Hird, the authorised dealer for Winlet in the UK and Ireland, said: “We’re delighted that Crown Aluminium has selected Winlet for its factory glass lifting needs.

“A growing number of manufacturers who fabricate glass and other non-porous sheet products, like plastic and metal, are turning to Winlet glazing robots because of their excellent productivity, safety and flexibility.”

Crown Aluminium had originally hired a Winlet 575 glazing robot from Hird, for a small unitised curtain walling project that involved glaze units weighing 300 to 400kg.

Colin Cornwall said: “We have now secured an order to fabricate a large unitised curtain walling project where we will be required to glaze more than 1000 units.

“This made our decision to purchase a new Winlet 575 an easy one. We have now taken delivery of our new machine, and look forward to many years of continued use.”

The electric-powered Winlet 575 glazing robot delivers industry-leading performance and safety features, thanks to key innovations.

It has a maximum lifting capacity of 575kg, yet is only 890mm wide and 1880mm long, weighing just 1300kg.

Thanks to sophisticated gyroscopic hydraulic controls, it can keep a glass panel aligned at the same angle, while it is moved vertically or horizontally.This allows the glazing robot to be fitted into an aperture safely, with precision, and with minimal manual handling. The machine can be controlled using a tiller arm, or using a cabled remote control unit.

Extension arms can be fitted to the glazing robot’s four vacuum pads to increase their spread. In the event of a catastrophic vacuum failure, the one-way air valves remain open, so a panel is never dropped.Crown Aluminium have more than 30 years’ experience in the manufacture of windows, doors and unitised façades for the UK building industry. It is renowned for the quality and on-time delivery of its fabricated products.

Winlet 575 extended with glass