Curved glass no problem for Winlet

Many building designs for offices, shops, hotels and homes now incorporate large panels of curved glass.

As this project video demonstrates, that is not a problem for a Winlet glazing robot.

Thanks to the Winlet curved glass adaptation kit, irregular shaped panels weighing up to 560kg can be held and easily manipulated.

In this case, the panel was 3.6m high, 2.4m wide and weighed 400kg.

The Winlet glazing robot positioned the panel precisely in the aperture, with no manual handling, so the installation team could focus on quickly and safely fixing it place.

The curved glass adaptation kit can be fitted to the Winlet 575, the Winlet 785 or the Winlet 1000.

Its two banks of four suction cups can be adjusted to widths between 960mm and 1670mm for panels of different sizes.

Winlet Function Focus
The Winlet curved adaptation kit has a dual suction circuit, so if one fails, the other will still hold the load.

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