Glazing Robot proves a winner on-site and in warehouse

Winlet’s 350 Glazing Robot has recently been put through its paces at an Industrial Joiners. 

The compact but compact vacuum lifter proved itself as so much more than a safe, productive pair of hands, helping with the installation of large, heavy glass doors on site as well as helping lift and move large items around the warehouse. 

Use of vacuum lifters has grown significantly over recent years as their combination of compact design, that allows them to manoeuvre around busy warehouse space and secure lifting, through powerful dual circuit vacuum, has proved invaluable in the workplace. Companies can work more productively and safer with the help of glazing robots such as the Winlet 350.

Winlet Function Focus
Overhead Installation – The Winlet 350 has the ability to pick and place glass panels directly overhead. It’s no surprise it’s such a popular choice with Glass installers.

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