Installing windows made easier with Winlet

More of us want to take the inside out. That is why the demand for floor-to-ceiling glazing in our homes is increasing year-on-year.

It is also why Winlet glazing robots are so popular with building contractors and glazing installers who need a powerful glass lifter that can support large domestic glass installation projects.

Winlet glazing robots are ideal for installing the large bifold and sliding doors that are such an important element of inside out living – as they allow internal living space to be seamlessly merged with patios and gardens.

An example is the Winlet 575 glazing robot being used here to install large glass windows in a private home.

It has a maximum safe working load of 575kg, yet is just 890mm wide and 1880mm long, creating an operating footprint about the same area as a standard door, ideal for working in confined spaces.

Its glazing manipulator can rotate and tilt glass through 180 degrees and the gyroscopic controls allow the load to be held in exactly the same plain as it is lifted and moved side to side. This means a glass panel can be perfectly aligned to an aperture with very minimal adjustment.

Another advantage of the Winlet 575 is that it is electric powered, so has zero-emission and low noise operation. This is good for homeowner clients and for contractors, helping to minimise their carbon footprint.

Winlet Function Focus
All Winlet glazing robots are electric powered meaning they can be used inside and outside with zero emissions.
The Winlet 575 aiding window installation

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