Rough terrain no problem for Winlet robot

Not all projects are in easy to access locations with smooth flat ground, sometimes, you need to get your equipment and materials up a hill. But what if it’s a six panelled window that needs transporting?

Thankfully, the Winlet 1000 TRX tracked crawler is a glazing robot that can go just about anywhere.

It’s caterpillar type tracks enable it to take on rough terrain and uneven ground with ease. As with all Winlet glazing robots, the Winlet 1000 TRX is fitted with a range of sophisticated sensors to ensure loads are always transported and lifted safely and as efficiently as possible, when travelling up gradients. If at any point the load becomes compromised, there are audible and visual alarms to alert the operator that action needs to be taken.

The Winlet 1000 TRX has a lifting capacity of 1000kg and a lift height of 4.5m. The maximum extension (from front bumper to suction cup) is 2.6m and the extension capacity (at maximum extension) is 350kg.

Electric power means this Winlet glazing robot can be used in low emission zones or where diesel powered machines aren’t recommended such as city centres, office complexes and residential areas.

Winlet Function Focus
The Winlet 1000 TRX has automatic dynamic levelling, meaning it can hold the load steady and safely while travelling and installing on longitudinal slopes (27%) and traverse slopes (25%)
Winlet 1000 tracked crawler up a slope

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