Smart glass lifting with Winlet

When a project involves the installation of multiple glass panels, it’s important to consider the health and safety of all workers on site and take measures to minimise personal injuries.

One way to do this is to reduce manual handling of glass by using a glazing robot, such as the Winlet 575 shown in action here.

Lifting and moving glass panels by hand can be difficult. They can be awkward to hold and get a grip of, meaning there’s a high risk of the glass slipping out of your hands, breaking and potentially causing an injury. Winlet glazing robots, reduce this risk and provide a safe and efficient solution to handling glass.

The Winlet 575 can lift loads of up to 575kg and has a side carrying capacity of 275kg so glass panels can be picked up, transported through busy worksites and installed with one robot. It’s compact design belies its superior lifting capacity and reach, making it a valuable asset to glass installation projects.

For smart glass lifting and transport, look no further than Winlet glazing robots.

Winlet Function Focus
As with all Winlet glazing robots, the Winlet 575 is ideal for indoor and outdoor operation. It has front wheel drive, with the option of adding extra wheels for rough terrain, and rear wheel powered steering for fast and easy robot positioning.
Winlet 575 glazing robot lifting glazing panels
Winlet 575 glazing robot lifting glazing panels
Winlet 575 glazing robot lifting glazing panels

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