Winlet 785 Impresses whilst installing Acoustic Doors On Site 

A recent project by Advanced Acoustic Installation Services Ltd, led by Company Director Robert Vincent, saw one of their teams installing acoustic doors using the Winlet 785 after being impressed by its capabilities. This installation showcased the Winlet 785’s efficiency and adaptability on the construction site.

Steve Stockdale, Central Depot Manager at HIRD, shared the picture on LinkedIn highlighting the versatility of Winlet vacuum lifting robots “These machines can easily help install steel doors as well as glazed units,” Stockdale added. 

Steve expressed his satisfaction, “Really pleased our Winlet is making light work on your install, Rob.” Robert responded, “Thanks for the kit and the training, Steve, it has made a difficult job easy.”

Key Features of the Winlet 785

The Winlet 785 Glazing Robot is a Dual Circuit Window & Glass Installation Robot. It offers a revolutionary and productive method for installing windows and glass panels up to 785kg. This robot enhances productivity, improves safety, and reduces damage risks.

Specifications and Capabilities

  • Weight Capacity: Up to 785kg
  • Rotation and Tilt: 180 degrees
  • Maximum Working Height: 3,970mm
  • Maximum Extension: 2,500mm from front bumper to suction cup
  • Side Lift Capacity: 275kg
  • Suction Cups: 4 @ 410mm Ø
  • Total Machine Weight: 1,422kg
  • Power Source: Battery with 110v on-board charger

Adaptability and Design

The Winlet 785’s compact design makes it suitable for confined spaces and construction hoists. It can also adapt to carry other materials such as granite, concrete, and steel panels. Its multifunction control panel and intelligent load monitoring enhance safety and efficiency.

Continuously Expanding Its Fleet 

Since 2015,  the Winlet range has expanded, introducing models like the Winlet 350 TH and the powerful Winlet 1000, capable of lifting panels up to 1 tonne. These advancements reflect Winlet’s commitment to enhancing productivity and safety in glass installation.

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