Winlet gets them stopping and talking at LiftEx 2017

Winlet glazing robots were among the stars of the show at LiftEx 2017, the UK’s only dedicated lifting equipment exhibition.

Hird Group, the authorised UK and Ireland distributors for Winlet, were kept busy answering questions about the world’s most innovative glazing robot.Hird took two Winlet models to LiftEx 2017 at the International Centre Telford, in Shropshire, on 29-30 November – the Winlet 350 and the Winlet 1000.

Carl Cooper, Sales and After-sales Manager for Hird, said: “There was a lot of interest in the Winlet. Visitors had heard from industry colleagues how good it is, and were glad to get a chance to see it for themselves.”

The Winlet 1000 has a hugely impressive maximum lifting capacity of 1 tonne, while the baby of the range, the Winlet 350, can lift a maximum 350kg.In both bases, the size of the machine belies the weight and scale of the loads the glazing robot can lift. Visitors were also impressed by its safety features, which includes dual valves that lock open in the event of a catastrophic vacuum failure, so the load is still held.

Carl Cooper said: “The compact size, easy-to-use precision controls, and pick and carry capability of the Winlet glazing robot make it just as capable operating in a factory environment as on a construction site, installing glazing panels.

“Its special ability to hold glass or other non-porous sheet material in a fixed plane while it is being moved up and down, or from side to side, means it can be placed with precision in an aperture, without any need for additional manual handling.

“This is a great advance both for health and safety, and for productivity. One operator, at the most two, can do the work of what may have been five or six people, before Winlet came on the market.

“Our customers call it a game change. No wonder LiftEx was abuzz about what it can do.”