Winlet 350 gets train back on track

When the Danish Railway Company needed to find the safest and most productive method to install windows in its trains, it concluded the best option was to use Winlet glazing robots.

The Winlet 350 glazing robot proved to be the ideal solution. Its compact dimensions meant that it could be operated in the constrained space in the rail company’s maintenance shed.

Also, its ability to pick and carry windows greatly simplified the lifting and installation process, adding to safety and productivity gains. The Winlet 350 glazing robot’s manipulator can rotate through 360 degrees and tilt through 180 degrees, allowing the carriage window panels to be installed with the millimetre precision needed, with almost no manual handling.

Its remote controlled operation allowed the operator to stand in the best position at all times to control the lift.

The conventional method for installing train windows is to work from rail access platforms, which often requires an element of manual handling and takes time to set up and close each maintenance task.

Using electric-powered Winlet glazing robots is safer, more sustainable, and faster.

They have significant advantages for employee safety, allow urgent maintenance tasks to be completed more quickly, reducing rolling stock downtime, and help minimise costs.

Winlet Function Focus
All installation functions can be controlled from a single remote control to aid fast and productive operation.

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