Winlet telehandler attachment raises interest at Executive Hire Show

winlet and valla executive hire show 2016

The Winlet 350 TH telehandler attachment has impressed visitors to the Executive Hire Show thanks to its clear ability to add value for customers look for new, safe and effective ways to install glass at height.

The glazing robot attachment has raised interest among plant manufacturers and hire companies thanks to its clever design and the glass installation solution it delivers.

Carl Cooper, Sales and Aftersales Manager for Hird, the UK and Ireland authorised distributor for Winlet glass installation products, said: “We have been very pleased with the attention the Winlet 350 TH has received. We had more than a dozen expressions of interest on the first day alone.

“Companies can all see the benefits of the attachment. It combines a simple and cost-effective solution for installing glass panels at height, with the industry-leading performance of Winlet glazing robots. It’s an unbeatable package.

“This product extends the capability of telehandlers and forklift trucks, giving both manufacturers and hire companies a whole new area of performance to talk to customers about. I think they were genuinely excited by the potential.”

Hird has been displaying the Danish-made Winlet 350 TH glazing robot at the Executive Hire Show 2016 at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

The Winlet 350 TH is designed to be attached to a telehandler or forklift truck. In this way, glass or other non-porous material can be installed at a greater height, and in hard-to-reach places.

Panels can then be placed, even overhead, with absolutely precision and safety, making glass installation faster and more productive. It gives sophisticated glazing robot technology go-anywhere capability on construction sites.

The electric-powered glazing robot weighs just 400kg and has a maximum lifting capacity of 350kg. Panels can be tilted through 1800 and rotated continuously through 3600, held on four vacuum suction cups.

Operators use a hand-held wireless controller to manipulate the vacuum lifter arm in the usual way, from any position that gives them the best unobstructed view, and allows the task to be completed safely.

The Winlet 350 TH, and other glazing robots in the growing Winlet range – including the Winlet 350, Winlet 575, and Winlet 600 – are rapidly transforming opinion of what is possible in glass installation, with their lightweight design, innovative safety features, and large lifting capacity.